Vinyasa Flow: Application of the breath supporting the transition from posture to posture. Poses progess from ease to challenge with the integration of the mind, body, and spirit.

Power Flow: Concentration on high energy and strength to provide the body with balance of form and function. There is an increase in fluid movement and momentum to support robust body conditioning.  

Restorative Yoga: More grounded and purifying to develop focus and patience. Postures are held longer with attention on nuturing a meditative state and encourging deeper breathwork. 

Tuesdays           Restorative - 7:30pm           LifeTime Sky

Wednesdays      Flow 2 - 6:30pm                 Sonic Yoga

Thursdays          Vinyasa - 7:30pm               LifeTime Flatiron

Fridays              Open Flow - 10:00am         Sonic Yoga            

Sundays             Open Flow - 4:00pm          Sonic Yoga

                              More classes coming soon!